“The Year of the Burger” & Pike Place Market Tour

I spent an exorbitant amount of time the other day coming up with a long-term plan and calendar for this blog.  And during that planning session, I came up with what I think are a couple of brilliant ideas.

I’m declaring this “The Year of the Burger”, at least as far as this blog is concerned.

Seattle has some really cool burger joints and pub burgers and classic drive-ins, and I’m going to focus on them all year long in lengthier posts like the ones I usually write.  Those ones will come out on Tuesdays, starting next week.

Mini posts will showcase all the food-related stuff in Pike Place Market.

There are so many stores and food counters and restaurants within the Market that it will take me well over a year to go through them all with you guys, but I want everyone to fall as in love with the Pike Place as I am.  So I’ll do much shorter posts on Wednesdays to give everyone a chance to see how cool it is.

I’m ecstatic about doing this, and I hope you guys will be, too!

Author: Chef Jessica Baker | Seattle Cheap Eats

I'm a classically-trained chef and fromagère writing about my culinary adventures in the Emerald City.

3 thoughts

  1. Year of the Burger is a good one. I did “Year of the Taco” on my blog last year. At the beginning of this year, I declared it “Year of the Sandwich.” But I haven’t done much sandwiching. I’m guessing I’ll get some good fodder next week when I’m in Cuba. They’ve got some serious sandwiches there.

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