Pike Place Market: Uli’s Famous Sausage

Opened in 2000, Uli’s Sausage Biergarten makes and sells authentic German sausages. There are also some international flavors, like linguica, chorizo, merguez, and South African borewors. German Master Butcher Uli Lengenberg supervises the production of each of their sausages to ensure the best quality, and sources sustainable, antibiotic-free, humanely raised hogs. There’s no fillers, preservatives, or unnecessary binders. Just good sausage.

Stock up on bratwurst for weekend grilling, and have them grill up a custom sandwich, too. For $8, you can pick any sausage and top it with any 3 toppings from their extensive list. Add a side of warm potato salad or creamy apple poppy slaw for $3.


They also ship their sausages nationwide.

Uli’s Famous Sausage
Main Arcade
1511 Pike Place
Deli Counter Open daily 9AM-6PM
Dining Room Open daily 11AM-5PM

Author: Chef Jessica Baker | Seattle Cheap Eats

I'm a classically-trained chef and fromagère writing about my culinary adventures in the Emerald City.

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